why body barr studio?

Body Barr Studio is an Indiana-based bath, skin, and fragrance company owned and operated by Deshawndra Coker. At Body Barr Studio we believe that all body and home products should smell good, look good, and feel good. Our products often look edible (although they are not) and there is a reason we do this, to make you feel like you are treating yourself in all ways! We want you to dive into self-care with our luxurious soaps, bath products, all while breathing in the calming scents of our hand crafted fragrances. Just remember, self care is not an expense, it is an investment and you deserve it.

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Waffle Barrs

Hand Sanitizers

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behind the

Body Barr Studio is a small business, run and operated by Deshawndra. This company was built through her passion for creating handmade soaps and candles. She quickly realized her company was growing and the demand for her craft was increasing, that is when Body Barr Studio was born. 

kind remarks from our shoppers

"We contacted Shonda about providing goody bags for our bridal shower party and she came through! Our guests are still talking about the waffle barrs they received. Not only do her products last a long time, they smell good and look good in my shower."

- Megan

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"I bought the hand sanitizer for my 8 year old because they are kid friendly and with him going back to school I wanted him to be safe. Best sanitizer I have ever bought, I am going to get more not only for my kid but for myself too."

- Chelly