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the body barr studio story

Body Barr Studio is an Indiana-based bath, skin, and fragrance company owned and operated by Deshwandra Coker. At Body Barr Studio we believe that all body and home products should smell good, look good, and feel good. Our products often look edible (although they are not) there is a reason we do this, to make you feel like you are treating yourself in all ways! We want you to dive into self-care with our luxurious soaps, bath products, all while breathing in the calming scents of our hand crafted fragrances. 

behind the brand

Deshawndra is the woman behind the brand. Not only is she a mother, but she is a master at handcrafting soaps, candles, skin care and more. What started as a passion has turned into a dream that she didn't even imagine. She spends her time handcrafting every single product you see on the shop but she also often pours her passion into inventing new products that she knows you will love! We think it is safe to say she is a super mom and has skills when creating beautiful fragrant products that your skin and home will love. 



Your skin will thank you later

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